Our company’s main task is to improve and enhance Kazakhstan’s chemistry, and as we know in any job its main resource is people. Therefore, we want to provide opportunities for young and ambitious minds to join our ranks, the ranks of cool chemists who want to turn Kazakhstan from a resource country into one of the major industrial countries in the CIS, and eventually around the world.

Since we mentioned the topic of “career”, we want to tell you that our team is constantly recruiting in order to gather the most ambitious, daring, interesting and talented people who are willing to work on the principle of “extra mile” and offer “wild” ideas!

We are looking for people in our team who have three basic qualities:

– Creativity

– Humanity

– Ambitiousness.

After all, in our opinion, having all these 3 qualities a person can achieve not only a huge career growth by becoming one part of our team, but also success in life, which is very important.