Epsilon Group LLP

Legal address/locationRepublic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Sazdy, Onge Str. 1/2
postal addressRepublic of Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Sazdy, Onge Str. 1/2
number+7 7132 99 37 18,
bank identification number150940009194
taxpayer’s registration number061800350273
VAT ReferenceSeries 06001 #0013636 dated October 19, 2015.
form of incorporationЧастная
Members of the LLP1Turumbetov Nurzhan Amantaevich 2. Oksikbayev Shyngys Abdimanapuly
Head of LLP, positionTurumbetov Nurzhan Amantaevich ,
Bank details
Current accountKZ96914042203KZ000R1 (tenge)KZ96914042203RU000F7 (rubles)
Name of bankSberbank JSC branch in Aktobe 
Banks  identification number  930740000137
Beneficiary Code17
general classifier of enterprises and organizations53057359
Classifier of administrative-territorial objects1510100001
General classifier of types of economic activity46909
Railway  customer reference4696331
Shipper / Consignee code:0151