About company

Company group EASY – is a young company that gathers extraordinary minds that are willing to challenge the current thinking of the chemical industry. Some of our partners, tell us that we often make a mountain out of a molehill or stick our nose where it is not necessary, that our ideas and proposals are meaningless, and many other things, but we do not pay attention to it, because during the first scientific revolution (16-17 century AD) most people came out against scientists of their age, they were not allowed to rest and to work on their research, and also in history there were cases when scientists were killed for their theories and dogmas.

When we first met our regular partners, they had misunderstandings about the range of our activities, because we do both chemicals for cleaning ordinary sewage pipes and cleaning nuclear power plants.

We believe that the insanity of the idea should not overshadow the results that it can bring, because Easy is the flag under which like-minded people have gathered and continue to gather, whose main task is to develop their country in the field – not only mining resources, but also their processing, as well as access to the world arena.

Our group helps bring oil and water up to the necessary standard for their future use.

Our skilled team can tailor chemistry solutions to meet the needs of our partners, as well as help them solve “unsolvable” problems that arise in production.

2013. The year of the beginning of chemistry-related activities.

BURTAS” LLP, working in the production of gas blocks. It decided to take advantage of the experience gained in the use of chemical reagents in production. And entered a new market, namely sales of caustic soda solution.

2014. The year the “EASY” brand was founded.

Due to the fact that the company supplied not only products according to GOST, but also developed its own recipes of caustic soda, it was decided to create its own brand, which would help in the future to make its own product more recognizable. Thus, caustic soda solutions under the brand name EASY appeared, as well as a line of household chemicals with the same brand name.

2015. Creation of the company EPSILON GROUP LLP.

The idea of creating the company came after the main division of the group of companies “EASY” needed a structure that would deal with organic chemistry. Prior to that time, EASY Group was engaged only in the production and sale of caustic soda for the needs of subsoil users of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as for NAC Kazatomprom JSC.

In the same year, the first commercial tests were carried out on a reagent for the separation of oil and water, the recipes of which were obtained in our own laboratory. Positive test results gave impetus to the wide coverage of the customer base, as well as to the expansion of the range of developed products.

2016. Market entry.

The global crisis, which began in 2015, dramatically affected the pricing of imported raw materials, which strongly stimulated the economy of Kazakhstan to switch to domestic raw materials. That is why, despite the crisis, the company’s products began to be in high demand among customers. Deliveries were organized to Kyzylorda, Atyrau and Aktau regions. In parallel, pilot tests were conducted in a number of companies, the simultaneous number of which was up to 10 pieces.

2017.Control of salts.

This year was marked first of all by the fact that the EPSILON GROUP Company having studied the requirements of the market has decided to introduce a new type of product which would help our customers to fight with scale and salts deposits on the equipment in the processes related to heating raw materials. The laboratory developed reagents, which were not only as effective as their Russian analogues, but could easily replace European manufacturers. Step by step our cheap and effective products began to replace imported and expensive reagents from near and far abroad. There were cases when our customers who had been working in the industry for a long time saw such a pure product for the first time. Due to the development of such reagents, heating and power plants from six regions of the country were added to the list of customers.

2018. Development of products that have no analogues in the world.

This year it was decided to combine the company’s experience in producing demulsifiers and struggle of salt deposits. So the third generation of demulsifiers we produce was born, which would not only effectively separate oil from water, but also help do away with  mineral salt deposits, which would relieve our customers from additional purchasing.