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Book Creator is a fantastic and popular iPad app for producing multimedia ebooks. Every month, in fact, more than 1,000,000 tales are made with the app. For a long time the only means to split the stories that pupils create was to turn their books print them as PDFs, or publish them as ePub documents. All were nice possibilities, but they needed some extra measures to see the books that their children made in your classroom. That changed when Book Creator introduced a new option to publish Book Creator books online last Friday.

Book Creator books can now be published for easy online viewing. Publishing online essentially creates a page that you may share with your students' parents so that they can see their pupils' work on laptops, telephones, or their tablets. It's necessary to note that pupils can not publish their books . The teacher, you, need to publish the books on your pupils' benefit. Book Creator's creator, dan Kemp, is currently taking pupil privacy and has released a statement regarding Book Creator attempts to protect students' privacy.

Eventually, there will be a cost associated with publishing Book Creator books online. For now, you can print ten novels for free. Directions for publishing online are available here.

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